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At our facility, we understand the critical importance of efficiency and reliability in the transportation industry. That’s why we’re proud to offer drop and hook yard servicesĀ at the I-27 location tailored to meet the unique needs of tanker companies.

In the fast-paced world of logistics, we recognize every minute counts. Our drop and hook yard provides a strategic solution for tanker companies, allowing drivers to seamlessly exchange dirty tankers for clean ones without unnecessary delays. This streamlined process translates to significant time and cost savings, enabling companies to optimize their operations and stay competitive in today’s market.

At Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, we prioritize convenience, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient drop and hook experience for every client.

Experience the difference with Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube. Contact us today to learn more about our drop and hook yard services and discover how we can help streamline your operations for success.

Time Savings

In the transportation industry, time is a precious commodity. Our drop and hook yard services are designed to minimize downtime for tanker companies. By seamlessly swapping out dirty tankers for clean ones without delay, drivers can spend more time on the road and less time idling at cleaning facilities. This efficient process maximizes productivity and profitability for our clients.


Traditional tanker cleaning methods often incur hidden costs, such as labor expenses, equipment maintenance, and potential fines for non-compliance. Our drop and hook yard services offer a cost-effective alternative that eliminates these unnecessary expenditures. By outsourcing tanker cleaning to our facility, companies can reduce overhead costs and allocate resources more efficiently, without compromising on quality or reliability.


Convenience is at the core of our drop and hook yard services. Strategically located with easy access for tanker trucks, our facility is designed to accommodate the needs of busy transportation companies. Flexible scheduling options and efficient turnaround times ensure that drivers can drop off and pick up tankers at their convenience, optimizing logistics planning and enhancing customer satisfaction.


In the world of tanker transportation, reliability is non-negotiable. Our drop and hook yard services are backed by years of industry experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence. From our cutting-edge cleaning equipment to our skilled team of technicians, we prioritize reliability at every step of the process. Tankers cleaned at our facility undergo rigorous inspections to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, providing peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers alike.

How It Works

At Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, our drop and hook yard services are designed to streamline the process of exchanging dirty tankers for clean ones. Our efficient system ensures a seamless experience for tanker companies and their drivers, allowing for quick turnaround times and minimal disruptions to operations.

Step 1: Drop-Off

Upon arrival at our facility, tanker drivers simply need to bring in their dirty tanker for cleaning. Our dedicated staff assists with the drop-off process, ensuring a smooth transition and providing any necessary guidance or instructions.

Step 2: Cleaning Process

While drivers continue their journey or take a break, our experienced team gets to work cleaning and preparing the tanker for its next haul. Equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and industry-approved techniques, we ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization to meet regulatory standards and exceed customer expectations.

Step 3: Pick-Up

Once the cleaning process is complete, drivers can return to our facility to pick up their freshly cleaned tanker. Our goal is to minimize wait times and maximize efficiency, allowing drivers to get back on the road as quickly as possible with a pristine tanker in tow.

Why Choose Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube?

When it comes to drop and hook yard services, Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube stands out as the premier choice for tanker companies. Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry, ensuring a superior experience for every client.

Industry Expertise

With years of experience serving the transportation sector, we understand the unique challenges and demands faced by tanker companies. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to deliver top-notch drop and hook yard services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

At Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology and equipment. From advanced cleaning systems to spacious drop and hook yards, our facility is designed to accommodate the needs of tanker trucks of all sizes and configurations.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From our meticulous cleaning processes to our stringent quality control measures, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service excellence. Every tanker cleaned at our facility undergoes thorough inspections to ensure compliance with industry regulations and customer expectations.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take the time to understand the unique requirements of each client and strive to exceed their expectations at every turn. From flexible scheduling options to personalized service plans, we go above and beyond to ensure a positive and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Trusted Partner

Over the years, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner in the transportation industry. Our track record of reliability, integrity, and professionalism has earned us the trust and loyalty of tanker companies across the region. When you choose Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, you can trust that you’re partnering with the best in the business.

Employee Training

At Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, we understand the critical role that well-trained employees play in delivering exceptional service. That’s why we prioritize employee training as a cornerstone of our business.

Overview of Training Provided: Our comprehensive training programs cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from wash processes to safety protocols. From their initial days with us, our team members receive thorough instruction on the proper techniques and procedures essential for effective service delivery.

Training Programs: Designed to equip employees with the necessary knowledge and skills, our training programs include hands-on training in operating equipment, applying solutions, and adhering to safety standards. Additionally, they learn about industry regulations and best practices to ensure compliance.

Emphasis on Ongoing Training: We recognize the importance of continuous learning to maintain service excellence. Through regular workshops, seminars, and refresher courses, we ensure our team stays abreast of the latest advancements in techniques and protocols.

Assurance of Employee Readiness: Our well-trained employees are fully equipped to handle all aspects of service delivery. With their expertise and dedication, you can trust that your needs will be met with precision and care. When you choose Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, rest assured that your requirements are in capable hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the drop and hook process typically take?

The duration of the drop and hook process can vary depending on factors such as the extent of cleaning required and current workload. However, our goal is to ensure quick turnaround times to eliminate wait times for drivers.

Are there any special requirements or preparations needed before dropping off a tanker?

While there are no special requirements, we require the tanker to be empty and prepared for cleaning according to industry standards. Our staff will guide you through the drop-off process and address any specific instructions.

What are the operating hours for your service?

Our drop and hook yard services are available during regular business hours. Please contact us for specific operating hours and any after-hours or emergency service options.

What are the operating hours for your drop and hook yard services?

Our drop and hook yard services are available around the clock. You need to notify us before you drop a trailer so we know its there and so you can tell us what services you require.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for drop and hook services?

While appointments are not required, we recommend calling ahead to ensure prompt service and eliminate potential wait times. However, we do our best to accommodate walk-in customers whenever possible.

Is your drop and hook yard easily accessible for large vehicles?

Yes, our drop and hook yard is designed to accommodate large tractor-trailers and tanker trucks. We have ample space and easy access points to facilitate smooth entry and exit

Can I arrange for recurring drop and hook services for my fleet?

Yes, we offer customizable service plans to accommodate the needs of fleet operators. Whether you require one-time services or recurring appointments, we can tailor our offerings to suit your requirements.

What types of tankers do you accommodate in your drop and hook yard?

We can accommodate various types of tankers, including but not limited to chemical, fuel, food-gradeand dry bulk pneumatic tankers.

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