Lubbock Allstar Truck Wash & Lube

Your company’s reliable partner, providing exterior washes, Kosher food grade tanker washouts, chemical tanker washouts, pneumatic tanker washouts, oil and lube services and tote cleaning, testing and refurbishing.

Expert Care for Food Grade and Chemical Transporters

We wash out both food grade and chemical tankers.

Exclusive Cleaning for Food & Chemical Pneumatic Tankers

We wash out both food grade and chemical tankers.

Expert Wash-Outs Complete IBC Container Care

We provide parts replacement and testing required by TXDOT.

Specialized Tanker Wash-Out Services for Food Grade and Chemical Transporters

At Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to a diverse range of transportation needs. Our services include thorough wash-outs for both food grade and chemical tankers, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Whether it’s transporting sensitive food products or hazardous chemicals, our Allstar team is trained and equipped to handle the unique requirements of each tanker type with precision and care. Trust us to provide thorough cleaning solutions that meet industry regulations and exceed expectations, every time.

Wash-Out Services for Food Grade and Chemical Pneumatic Tankers

At Allstar Truck Wash & Lube, we offer a specialized service that sets us apart from the rest: wash-outs for both food grade pneumatic tankers and chemical pneumatic tankers. Unlike many other truck washes, we understand the unique requirements of these specialized containers and have the expertise to clean and dry them thoroughly and effectively. Our commitment to providing comprehensive cleaning solutions ensures that your pneumatic tankers are ready for their next load, meeting stringent industry standards and regulations with every wash. Trust us to deliver exceptional service that you won’t find elsewhere.

Streamlined Drop and Hook Yard Solution

At our facility, we prioritize efficiency and convenience for tanker companies with our drop and hook yard service. This service allows tanker drivers to seamlessly swap their dirty tanker for a clean one, saving valuable time and resources. By eliminating the need for drivers to wait for their tanker to be washed, we enable them to get back on the road more quickly, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Not only does this streamline operations for tanker companies, but it also represents significant savings in both time and money. At our drop and hook yard, we are committed to providing practical solutions that drive success for our customers while ensuring their fleet remains clean and compliant at all times.

Experience Unmatched Shine: Exterior Truck Wash Services

Elevate your truck’s appearance and maintain its integrity with our premier Exterior Truck Wash service at Allstar Truck Wash. Our state-of-the-art equipment combines the precision of hand scrubbing with automated technologies to ensure thorough cleaning and meticulous attention to detail. From trailers to tankers, our specialized Bitimec brush and softened water, infused with a spot-free agent, guarantee a pristine finish free of spots. The last part of the wash is a huge 10-blower drying arch. When complete, your rig is ready to hit the road with unmatched shine and cleanliness. Trust Allstar Truck Wash for superior exterior cleaning that enhances both the aesthetics and longevity of your vehicle.

Sanitized Reefer Cleaning & Hopper Bottom Washouts

Discover the ultimate solution for your reefer and hopper bottom cleaning needs at Allstar Truck Wash & Lube. Our specialized service goes beyond washing – we sanitize your reefers to industry-leading standards. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure your trailers maintain optimal cleanliness, safeguarding your cargo and reputation. Choose confidence, choose Allstar Truck Wash & Lube.


Expert Sanitization

Allstar Truck Wash & Lube ensures your reefers meet the highest hygiene standards with specialized cleaning methods.

Meticulous Attention

Our team meticulously cleans and sanitizes every inch of your refrigerated trailers, guaranteeing spotless results.

Trusted Excellence

With a proven track record, customers rely on Allstar Truck Wash for superior reefer cleaning that exceeds expectations.

Elevating Standards

Our commitment extends beyond cleanliness. We invest in regular employee training, guaranteeing expert wash processes and unwavering safety protocols.”

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