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Services at Our Avenue A Location

Our Avenue A location offers swift service in the heart of the Hub City. Come by for an oil change or specialty washout.

Oil Change

Have your choice of replacement oil and enjoy a long engine life with expert maintenance from Allstart Truck Wash.

At Allstar Truck Wash, with 35 years of experience in washing and maintaining big rigs, RVs, and tankers, our expertise extends to expert oil changes for a wide range of large vehicles. Whether your motor runs on diesel or gas, our skilled mechanics are equipped to provide top-notch oil change services. With a selection of replacement oils available, trust us to ensure your engine enjoys a long and healthy life through expert maintenance at Allstar Truck Wash.

Exterior Wash

Our exterior wash equipment is state of the art. While we still do a hand scrub wash, there is a little automation to increase the quality and speed of the wash.

Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness with our state-of-the-art exterior wash equipment at Allstar Truck Wash. While maintaining our commitment to hand scrubbing, we enhance efficiency and quality through automation. Utilizing the innovative Bitmec brush—a self-propelled, self-contained marvel standing 14 feet tall and 5.5 feet wide—we deliver unparalleled results for trailers, reefers, dry vans, and tankers. Following the wash, your vehicle receives a rinse with softened water infused with a spot-free agent, ensuring a pristine finish free of spots. Completing the process, our powerful 10-blower drying arch leaves your rig immaculately dry, ready to hit the road with unmatched shine and cleanliness.

Reefer & Hopper Bottom Washout

We welcome the opportunity to meet your washout needs. No challenge is too great!


Step into the future of tanker washout services at Allstar Truck Wash. Our cutting-edge equipment, crafted by the renowned Floyd Peacock Co. with over 40 years of expertise, ensures unparalleled results. The Peacock 660, our flagship machine, generates 30 gallons of water per minute at 600 PSI through the spinner, guaranteeing thorough cleaning. With the capability to produce hot water and even steam, our equipment meets the demands of any washout task. Additionally, we offer customizable degreasers and sanitizers to suit your specific requirements. At Allstar Truck Wash, we thrive on challenges—no washout task is too great for us to handle. Experience excellence and reliability with us today.

Reefer Washout

Revive Your Reefer: Expert Washout Service at Ave A Location

Revitalize your reefer at our Ave A location with our specialized Reefer Washout service. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization of your refrigerated trailers. Whether you’re transporting food products or other perishable goods, our Reefer Washout service guarantees a pristine interior, free from any contaminants or residues. Trust Allstar Truck Wash to deliver exceptional results, ensuring your reefer is ready to maintain optimal temperature and hygiene standards for your valuable cargo.

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